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Dear Lyft

The Lyft’s star rating system is a sham, largely irrelevant, a vector for Internet-style negativity and score-settling, grossly mis-aligned with organic conditions on the ground, and outright juvenile by good measure. Nothing is more discouraging than the silly rating system.  So, we are now forwarding with work to engineer our own system that will perhaps come to challenge the Lyft system head on. The Lyft’s defaults and assumptions that it’s passengers are some kinds of angels is fomenting, fermenting and brewing a culture of complaining, negativity, demoralization and waging a silent-passive psycho-emotional aggression against it’s valuable asset, the driver.

Then again, for slight meager pay, the Lyft pushes its drivers to be some sorts of performing artists and clowns on-board, all in effort to please an otherwise very unrefined bottom end audience that will never rise to discern good service from bad service. The Lyft should be about transporting deserving good quality people from one important place to another, in a safe, clean and respectful manner, NOTHING MORE! DJs belong in nightclubs, not on-board “the Lyft” please. …And we remain the real tried tested world renowned DJs of all time. Just search!

We are confident that Lyft can do better but please take heed because we intend to discuss these issues with the general public.

Gift Sting International